Frequently Asked Questions

Order at FinishifyStore

Choose Your Cases:
Then choose your device model from the drop-down menu!
After choosing the device model! choose the color & style of the case from the drop-down menu, which is below the device menu! Then click the (Add to Cart) button!

After placing an order in our store, you may want to change the model of the device or the color/style or shipping address and etc!
Please email us within 24 hours after ordering! We can make changes.

After paying the order! If the payment is made correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from our store that includes your purchase invoice and your order details! This means that your order has been received by our store without any problems.

If after registering your order and completing the paymen, you did not see any confirmation email! May be:
1. You entered your email incorrectly when registering your order! (Most common)
2. Our confirmation email has gone to other folders of your email, such as (spam or promotion, etc.)
3. PayPal payment system has not confirmed your payment for us yet!
Note: If you do not receive any confirmation email from our store after registering your order and completing the payment, be sure to contact us to resolve the issue.

Do not worry! Because most orders stay in “On Hold” after payment to complete the order preparation process in 24 to 74 hours.

  • During this period, we check the details of the orders and if there is a problem with the details of the order, we will email the customer before delivery to the shipping company!

Shipping information

After registering the order! Orders are ready and delivered to China Shipping Company within 74 hours!

The delivery time of orders depends on many factors such as the type of your order, destination country, etc.
But the approximate delivery time of orders is as follows:

  • United States: between 15 to 25 business days.
  • All over Europe: between 18 and 28 business days.
  • Canada and Australia: between 20 to 30 business days.
  • The rest of the world: between 25 and 35 business days.
    Go to “Shipping Info” page for more details.

Yes! After shipping the order by China Shipping Company, the tracking number will be emailed to the customer (also all updates will be emailed to the customer)

Yes! We ship to more than 140 countries for free!

with the shipping tracking number that will be emailed to you, there is also a black button that takes you to the tracking page! Click on it and go to the tracking page.
Or Tracking Via:

Billing & Payment

We are currently working with PayPal!
You can pay directly through your PayPal account.

Sure! If you have an debit cards and credit cards (American Express (USD), Mastercard and Visa) You can pay directly with PayPal (without having a PayPal account) with your credit card.

If you receive messages such as ( “Invalid transaction error ” or “Something wrong with your credit card, please call card center for help: Transaction Not Allowed” ) when paying with your credit card that means:
• The debit card cannot be used for this type of payment
• Your bank has rejected the transaction due to suspicions of fraud
• The card is not activated for international transactions
Please use another card to resolve the problem. If the issue still persists, kindly contact your bank for assistance.

You have two ways to pay by credit or debit card:

  • 1. Go to your shopping cart page, and click on the black button (debit or credit card) and then pay by filling in your personal information and shipping on the page!
  • 2. Or go to the check out page and after filling in your information, click on the ” Proceed to PayPal ” and after opening the PayPal login page (if you do not have a PayPal account) click on the option to pay by credit or debit.

If you do not see payment via credit or debit! You should know that PayPal does not support some countries or regions for direct payment via credit card and therefore does not show you this option.

About FinishifyStore

We are a new company that wants to create new styles for your iPhone and AirPods! Our company is based in the United States and we work with large suppliers in different countries.

Our company is based in the United States and we work with large suppliers in different countries.

FinishifyStore is a registered company in the United States! Our company officially started operating in late 2019, and on September 22, 2020! we were able to obtain the certification of an official and legit company from the US Certification Center (Business Number: 222248)

We tried to answer most of the questions related to our store! However you may have more questions so please Contact Us!