Our ambassadors

About our ambassador program

Our ambassador program is a unique opportunity for all those who are interested in stunning Apple accessories such as iPhone & AirPods cases. Become a part of our growing family and showcase the most stunning accessories to your audience, whether you’re an influencer, lifestyle blogger, or just love sharing your favorite accessories, we want you on our team.

What do we give to our ambassadors?

1 – Exclusive Package: We will send our ambassadors an exclusive package containing cute iPhone cases every month.

2 – Earn Commissions: Our ambassadors receive their exclusive link from our store, which they can share with their audience, earning a 10 to 30% commission on every qualified sale.

3 – Unique coupon code: We provide our ambassadors with an exclusive coupon code, which they can share with their friends, family, and audience.

4 – Support and guidance: Our team will maintain regular contact with ambassadors, supplying everything needed for their growth.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of joining our ambassador program, you may be wondering what an ambassador for our brand should do! Let’s see briefly below.

What do we expect from ambassadors?

1 – Share the link:  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how large your audience is; you should share your affiliate link with them. The easiest way to do this is by placing the link on your bio page.

2 – Publishing content:  The primary responsibility of a brand ambassador is to actively promote and represent a brand. This involves regularly creating and sharing content about the brand, engaging with the target audience, and fostering a positive image.

3 – Interest and activity: Our ambassadors must have a passion for iPhone accessories, enjoy content creation, and be enthusiastic about generating passive income. This role demands both interest and activity.

4 – Interact with us: You must stay in touch with us! As an ambassador, you should be able to check and respond to our emails, typically ranging from one to three emails per month, and share your comments and suggestions.

Get your favorite accessories from us, share them with your audience, direct them to our store, and receive your exclusive commission from each sale.

By joining our ambassador program, you agree that you have read the terms and conditions listed above.

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