Refund Policy At FinishifyStore:

  • At least 90 days must have passed since you placed your order and your order has not yet been delivered.
  • The received case does not match the ordered case.
  • If the received case was damaged during shipment.
  • If your order was shipped to the wrong address.

Customer questions

Yes! we know that you may have ordered the wrong model or color when shopping, if you contact us within 24 hours after your order is registered, we will change your order.

Sorry to hear that! But if you ordered the wrong case! You can notify us to make changes up to 74 hours after register order! but if after receiving the cases you find out that you have ordered the wrong cases, there will be no possibility of exchange and you can order again!

Yes! But please make sure that you inform us up to 24 hours after payment, if your order is out of origin, it is not possible to change.

It is not possible to exchange the cases! But if the problem is from our company and we have ship you the wrong cases! There is no problem and we can ship the exact cases to you once again and completely free of charge.

Yes! But please make sure you give us the order cancellation within 24 hours after payment, If more than 24 hours have passed since your order, it is not possible to change or cancel it.

The orders that are non-refundable:

  • If the order was imported from the country of origin to the destination but has not been delivered to you yet due to customs problems in your country (we suggest that you contact the local post office immediately and give them a tracking number to ask the reason for the delay.)
  • Your order has been delivered to your local post office but has not yet been delivered to you (contact local post office)
  • If the order is on the way and less than 90 days have passed since the order.
  • The order has not been delivered after a long time and we find out that the customer has entered the shipping address incorrectly at the time of purchase or the shipping address is incomplete. (Please make sure that you complete your information and shipping correctly when shopping because we are not responsible for orders that are not delivered due to incorrect shipping address or customer information.)

Read before shopping:

We do our best to make the customer feel completely satisfied with their purchase, but all online and even physical stores around the world have almost the same refund policies which the customer needs to read carefully before shopping.

Best Regards – FinishifyStore Team