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You want to order your favorite product but you are not sure or you have questions in your mind so read on …

We think like you

It must have happened to all of us who are accustomed to shopping online to see a product in a store, and then after ordering and receiving the product, all our perceptions of the product disappear, at this time, we must be thinking that our money is gone and we will probably not order products from that store anymore, We think like you and we buy online from different stores and we know that the product warranty is very important.

our warranty

From the beginning of finishifyStore, our team thought of making purchases risk-free for customers, but there were problems along the way, but after almost two years, we provided a special opportunity for our customers, After our dear customer received her/his product, She/He can inform us about the refund request up to 30 days after receiving his case If the received product did not match what you ordered or was damaged during shipping, and even if your perception of the ordered product was not the same as the product you have in hand You can get all your money back using the contact us section and it is easy…

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your money back up to 30 days after receiving your case, Contact us to receive your money

Yes, and you can easily use this feature

Shopping without stress 🙂

Surely all our customers from anywhere in the world can use this feature

No, you can get your money back just by sending a picture of the received case

You can use this feature up to 30 days after receiving the case

No problem, you can ask us your question using the contact us section

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