Brand Ambassador!

Do you have a youtube, blog/website, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and … !? and you are interested in our cute cases, so what are you waiting for? Let’s be one of our brand ambassadors and show our cases to your friends/followers and earn money.


The number of followers is not the main criterion for becoming an ambassador in our store, so anyone can become an ambassador for our brand and each ambassador will receive a 25% commission on each order and we are also working on a great feature for our active ambassadors, any active ambassadors can receive a free iPhone or AirPods case every month to better show the cases to their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about ambassadors!

Finishify is an Apple accessories store, cute Airpods and iPhone cases are currently available in our store.

We believe that the number of followers is not the main criterion! That means it does not matter if you have 100 followers or 1 million followers! Anyone can become a popular ambassador.

Our Ambassadors can earn commissions (a percentage of revenue) on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to Finishify products and other Finishify content on their site,blog,youtube,Instagram,Facebook,Tiktok and …

The commission is earned on each qualifying sale (excluding tax, delivery, returns, and cancellations) and we pay a 25% commission for each sale!

No! Only active ambassadors can receive free cases from us!

  • 1. At least 60 days have passed since she registered as an ambassador in our store.
  • 2. Has published her own link on the Instagram bio page.
  • 3. Publish active posts and stories every month!

We will do our best to support our customers and ambassadors at all times! we are waiting for you!

If you still have questions about the Ambassadors program! Please Contact Us